Workshop - MaestroBD - Shibari and Impact Play

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Workshop - MaestroBD - Shibari and Impact Play
Workshop - MaestroBD - Shibari and Impact Play

Workshops with MaestrBD from Italy



Today MaestroBD is one of the best shibari teacher in italy, performer in many fetish party and events through Europe. "La Regina Nera" and "Decadence" in Italy, “Boundcon” in Monaco and Austria, “RopeFest” and "MoscowKnot" in Russia, “Xplore” in Berlin are few of the international presence dates.
Is the only Italian to Perform during O-nawa Asobi Shibari festival in Tokyo.

Davide La Greca - AKA MaestroBD - was born in 1971 in Rome, lives and work in Italy.
In 90's Davide finds the Bondage out, that opens his path to the BDSM, since this Epiphany the decision came to share the culture linked to this delicate subject as an art. So he immediately started to work on the esibitions along with the didactic, obtaining a constant good reaction, in Italy and Abroad.
Certified Istructor of Yukimura Ryu, teach this particular style and share the knoledge about traditional Shibari and Kinbaku.

WORKSHOP: M2 - Shibari and Impact Play
(Samstag: 16.30 bis 18.00)

This captivating workshop is uniquely designed to seamlessly blend the art of Shibari with the cruel world of
Impact play. By intertwining these two captivating practices, participants will embark on a transformative journey that explores the harmonious fusion of rope bondage and the thrilling sensations of Impact play, ultimately creating a mesmerizing dance of pleasure and intensity.
The primary objective of this workshop is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to expertly position their models, skillfully integrating Shibari ties to enhance the experience of Impact play. The instructor, well-versed in the intricacies of both disciplines, will guide attendees through the artful process of captivating their partner's senses through skillful rope manipulation and calculated Impact play.
In the realm of Shibari and Impact play, correct positioning is paramount. Participants will gain a deep
understanding of how to artfully position their model, ensuring both comfort and safety during the exploration of Impact play. The instructor will share essential tips and techniques, guiding participants on how to strike the
perfect balance between restraint and liberation, evoking sensations of surrender and empowerment.
The workshop will also delve into the art of anticipation and buildup, as participants learn how to expertly weave
the sensual art of Shibari with the electrifying rhythm of Impact play. Skillful rope manipulation and the rhythmic
cadence of Impact play will harmoniously intertwine, culminating in a symphony of sensations that promises to
leave both rigger and model entranced.
Amidst the captivating journey of this workshop, the instructor will emphasize the importance of communication, consent, and aftercare. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects that accompany both Shibari and Impact play, fostering a nurturing environment that promotes open dialogue and mutual exploration of desires and boundaries.
By the conclusion of this immersive workshop, participants will not only possess a comprehensive understanding of the symbiotic relationship between Shibari and Impact play but also carry forth a treasure trove of insights into the profound art of connection, trust, and artistic expression. Armed with newfound skills and confidence, attendees will be empowered to embark on their own creative exploration, curating their unique tapestry of sensations that dance between pleasure and intensity, with Shibari and Impact play as their enchanter's tools.

Workshop in english!


maximal 8 couples per workshop, price per couple, 90 minutes


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